Lumbini Tour


The difference in the geographical structures provides ample opportunities for explores. The hilly region which has the heavily urbanized cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara is not been for economic and travel friendly, these areas see a heavy traffic travelers where most are seen to gravitate towards Kathmandu to know more about the colorful and historic stories of past reigns and turn to Pokhara for the scenic and relaxed views by the breath-taking lakes Best tours in Nepal .

While these cities offer plenty themselves, as you ventures higher up, the mountain region have snow-capped scenery that is not easy to pass by, which is why helicopter day tours available for travellers to absorb the beauty. The lush alpine forest and thinning air amidst the mountains is also a great change from the bustling city. However, moving far below in altitude the Terai region or also known as plains provide an entirely different experience, were wildlife reserves and safaris get you close to the exotic wildlife of the country. The strikingly different geography also makes for interactions with culturally by Buddist Tour diverse groups of people, each with their own languages and customs. we have package design by the who interesting do the full city of Nepal and with Adventure Hike Tour.

Furthermore, the country natural beauty is a playground for explorers and locals alike, the landscape has made it an ideal destination for people to tap into their adrenaline with packages that allow them to run their adrenaline high, whitewater rafting in the waves of Trishuli or bungee jump to their next adventure. The difference in geography and what each region offers to allow for any kind of traveller to enjoy the bits of Nepal, you can choose your experience and your tours with more relaxed safaris, and city tours, to adventure sports to get your heart pumping.

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